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Poll Over

August 4, 2009

Hey everyone,

The poll has ended and the results are in!

Yes continue – 8 votes

No! – 2 votes

The whole blog will be moved to! Check there for the latest cheats.



The End

July 20, 2009

Hey all,

This blog is useless now that none of the workers are updating it so it will be shut down in a few days. It will not be deleted, just not updated. So you can still come back for the cheats but the coupon codes will not be updated. Good luck to everyone in Arctic Antics.

Over & Out


Blog updated

July 6, 2009

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog lately. I have just updated the coupon codes and will soon be continuing to build up the blog so that it’ll be 100% full of cheats. We’ll also soon be giving away a 1 month Club Penguin membership to someone. So keep checking back for more updates!

In other news, the last 3 winners were Kovuru123, me and Sasukegurl. Here are their prizes:



June 25, 2009

Sparki1470 takes the lead while me (hurryupdude has a few tricks up my sleeve)

Who’s Winning?

sparki1470    1538
recon95    1506
rafster    1347
pxoxa6    1269
000000    1186
sasukegurl    1085
john andreson    1021
dragondav2    898
tigers    893
hurryupdude    859


June 24, 2009

Timmytimtam won arctic antics again so lets give him a big congrats!

maxtor    2153
quacker    1488
yankyman    1246
arctic frenzy    1231
mare bear    1186
tatata    1088
bobo26    1061
ibishito    1050
maynard927    1044

well thats your latest update by silver dragn!

Hello im joining this blog

June 23, 2009

Hello and yes i am joing this blog to try and give you up to date posts on everything about arctic antics

Hurryupdude or A.K.A nintendo0man.

Fire rocks won

June 10, 2009

Fire rocks won arctic antics. Okay, well here are the winning results of last weeks arctic antics competition!

fire rocks 2803
silver dragn 2013
condog123 1435
ice000 1377
yankyman 1302
yankymetro 1278
majid12 1003
kiran999 994
luckyduck 976
maxtor 888